About Us


Before 1992, only ENG (electronystagmograph) enabled to diagnose balance disorders. Dr Erik Ulmer, a world-renowned otologist, in collaboration with the CNRS, designed the first VNG clinic system. Following this breakthrough, Joël DE ROSA founded the company Synapsys in 1993 and commercialized the first VNG: a system created by a doctor for doctors. Synapsys has continued innovating and differentiating themselves by bringing the 1st VHIT to the world in 2006.

Today, and since 2014, Mrs Alice DE ROSA and Mr Stéphane CURCIO have taken over the management of Synapsys and are commited to designing tomorrow’s equipment in terms of diagnosis and rehabilitation of balance disorders. They continue with the same purpose, notably by commercializing the 1st wireless Wi-Fi camera in 2015, and it’s just the beginning …

Our Vision :

Simplify the journey of patients suffering from balance disorders.

Our Mission :

Be the partner of choice of health professionals so as to improve balance disorder care.

Our Values :

“The client at the centre of our preoccupations” by providing innovation, expertise, proximity and top-quality service.

Our Added value :

Balance specialists, we provide leading technologies that are easy to use. Thanks to our expertise, we innovate to help you diagnose your patients quickly, carry out the best treatment and accompany you during the rehabilitation phases.

Our Team :

Our structure is agile and expert, which allows us to provide the best reactivity and flexibility. Two advantages that enable us today to be market-driven and to meet your needs by creating top products while improving our position as pioneer.