Synapsys has been established as a pioneer in the vestibular assessment field for more than 25 years. True pioneer in new diagnostic and rehabilitation of balance disorders technologies, our Research & Development department is constantly innovating to improve the quality and the practicality of your tools.

Our team is driven and expert in Balance. We focus on the real problematic that is at the heart of your preoccupations. We throw ourselves into improving the patient care conditions regarding diagnosis and rehabilitation. Synapsys positions itself as the partner of ENT and vestibular rehabilitators.

Synapsys is behind several breakthroughs
in the vestibular assessment field :
1993 VNG Ulmer :
1st transition from ENG to VNG (video)
2006 VHIT Ulmer :
1st access and independent analysis of the 6 semi-circular canals at high frequencies
2015 SmartCam :
1st Wi-Fi wireless « all-in-one » camera with integrated motion sensors
In 1992, Dr Erik Ulmer, in collaboration with the CNRS, designed the first clinic VNG system (videonystagmograph) thus bringing a distinct improvement to the sensitivity and reliability of recordings, therewith outpacing the old recording method using electrodes (ENG).
Thanks to simple predefined protocols and precise measures, the VNG Ulmer reduces the duration of the test.
A system created by a doctor for doctors.
Synapsys has been researching and developing technological solutions in the VHIT field since 1998. Our obsession, ever since, has been to bring to daily practice a simple and efficient VHIT to test the 6 semi-circular canals. It is for this reason that we have chosen to provide the best value proposition for both the patient and the practitioner’s satisfaction: a goggle-less camera.
No goggles on the patient therefore ensuring :
  • – Comfort for the patient
  • – Free movements for the practitioner
Synapsys understood very early on that the needs of the professionals in this field were to carry out their activities without cable clutter so as to be able to carry out the different tests and maneuvers freely.
We developed several versions of the wireless camera (analogic and Wi-Fi) until we obtained the version which is the best suited for your daily practice: the wireless All-in-one camera SmartCam.
Patented technology
Intelligent camera equipped with an embedded software and motion sensors.